‘El Nino’ ​​event worsens … storms and floods are coming – El Financiero

'El Nino' ​​event worsens ... storms and floods are coming - El Financiero

Global warming is continuing to affect the planet’s climate and all existing natural phenomena, as gas emissions, wildfires and pollution have caused natural disasters in areas never imagined.

Nature magazine published a study entitled Changing El Niினo-Southern Swings in Warmer Climate ‘, Which was hailed as the so-called event El Nino – Southern Wave (ENSO) This could lead to changes in the future as a result of global warming.

To understand the impact it may have in the coming years, it is necessary to reconsider what this phenomenon has to offer.

El Nino – Southern Swing It is a continuous climatic pattern that indicates changes in water temperature in the central and eastern part of the tropical Pacific. Over a period of three to seven years, the surface water of the tropical Pacific Ocean warms by one to three degrees Celsius compared to normal.

This oscillating warming and cooling system directly affects the distribution of rainfall in tropical regions, creating a strong impact on the climate in other parts of the world.

Boy and girl They are the critical phases of the ENSO cycle. The warm phase of El Niோo usually lasts about 8 to 10 months. The entire ENSO cycle usually lasts 3 to 7 years, and often includes the ‘cold’ phase (La Nina), which can be quite strong.

Once grown, El Niோo and La Nina cause major changes in seasonal temperatures and rainfall patterns in various parts of the world far from the Earth’s equator far from the Pacific Ocean. These changes are called telecommunications.

Telecommunications occur because precipitation, which is associated with ocean surface temperature in the tropics, affects wind patterns in the atmosphere. In the tropics, the wind that forms clouds and rains in one place has to move to another place, to carry moisture to another area that is dry.

According to the article, models dedicated to analyzing ENSO predict future variations in sea surface temperature, as well as eastward displacement and the severity of the effects associated with this phenomenon.

In addition. Thanks to climate change, most models feature faster background warming in the eastern equator Pacific compared to the western.

As a result of the above, the rainfall caused by El Nino in the Pacific is expected to intensify and move eastward, which will lead to the intensification of bypass telecommunications in areas where this phenomenon does not occur.

To give us an idea of ​​what this event reflects, Nature recalls the year 1997, when El Nino had a strong impact on Central and South America, causing heavy rains, landslides, dam collapse, and major flooding in coastal cities. Crops and directly affect the economies of countries.

This is not the first time studies published in nature have warned of the possible effects of global warming, as in 2014, it reported a strong upward trend in ‘serious children’.

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