Microsoft is editing the minimum configuration requirements

Microsoft is editing the minimum configuration requirements

The US company has adjusted its requirements for installing Windows 11 to include more Intel processors.

Microsoft announced on August 27, two months after the launch of Windows 11. In a blog post, Some changes in the minimum requirements to run your next operating system properly. The changes released by Redmond are intended to make some additional computers using the Intel processor compatible.

Microsoft has slightly modified its minimum requirements so that previously excluded Intel processors are now accepted.

We have identified a set of PC models that meet the policies when running on 7th generation Intel processors, which were not initially included in our minimum system requirements. Based on these results, we have expanded the list of compatible 64-bit processors. The company writes. Processors Core X-Series, Zion W-Series and Core 7820 HQ selected

For AMD processors, no change was reported. ” After a careful examination of the first generation AMD Zen processors in partnership with AMD, we jointly concluded that there were no additions to the list of supported processors. Microsoft warns. In July, software company AMD promised to test whether Zen 1 processors would be eligible.

A new application to check the compatibility of your computer

Currently, Microsoft’s requirements for Windows 11 include a 64-bit dual-core processor with a minimum of 1 GHz, 4 GB of RAM, 64 GB of storage space, a screen with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels, a graphics card, and finally, security devices such as DPM. 1.2 Cryptographic module and capable of handling secure boot.

Microsoft is going to use a newer version of its application dedicated to verifying the compatibility of its computer workstation with Windows 11 – this is called PC Health Check. The first version caused internet users dissatisfaction and anxiety. An update to the PC Health Check will integrate greater clarity and accuracy in interpretations after the PC check.

Currently available in preview, although the system station is not fully compatible, it does not prevent Windows 11 installation. We were able to install the OS on a machine that did not check all the boxes, but it did not crash – although problems are likely to appear in the end. It remains to be seen if this will still be possible when the OS is finally available.

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