Kovit-19: Isaiah McKenzie is fitted by the NFL

Kovit-19: Isaiah McKenzie is fitted by the NFL

Isaiya McKenzie, the Buffalo Pills player who chose not to be vaccinated against Covid 19, was disciplined by the NFL for failing to wear a face mask several times at his team’s facilities.

McKenzie is repeatedly convicted of NFL-approved health and safety measures. On July 27, the recipient received a letter stating that he would be punished for the next offense.

The 26-year-old shared the league’s most recent statement on his Twitter account, with paradoxical words: “They got me! NFL, you win!

We know that McKenzie failed to wear his mask twice in the interior infrastructure of Millions on Wednesday afternoon. On the same day, he and his team members received a presentation on the fines imposed on them for violating the new rules.

“For players like you, who have not been fully vaccinated against Covid 19, your conduct is explicitly prohibited by ethics. Again, your behavior may compromise your safety, but may also affect the safety of others, as well as the ability to conduct league club training camps safely.”

Sanctions against McKenzie were not mentioned, but in another statement, the player involved said he was fined $ 14,650.

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