“Impeachment: American Crime Story”: Monica Lewinsky Explains Her Involvement in the Series

"Impeachment: American Crime Story": Monica Lewinsky Explains Her Involvement in the Series

Accepting to work as a producer on the series “Impeachment: American Crime Story” is not easy for Monica Lewinsky and she fears she will never understand again.

In a long article published on the US site The Hollywood Reporter, A former White House coach known for his relationship with former US President Bill Clinton and the scandal that followed, explained how he was fired: American crime story Murphy at the request of the series’ creator Ryan.

Despite Monica Lewinsky’s many objections – who seemed to have spoken publicly enough on the matter – the latter persuaded her to attend the event after several phone conversations, a dinner in Manhattan and a promise to do so. Integrate production so it can be told in sets and scripts. Monica Lewinsky is a tough character who tries hard to handle her personal experience – and her feelings – without letting it affect her work.

A therapist followed

Knowing that it would be a hassle to return to this traumatic episode in her presence, she admits to appointing a therapist to support her throughout the project. “It’s very difficult, especially for the dramatic elements that need to be integrated into the story,” he explains, admitting that he only settled once for a scene that didn’t include it.

Monica Lewinsky, on the other hand, wrote several notes to guide the authors through some scenes (except for all about Bill and Hillary Clinton, for “obvious reasons,” she says). She insisted that a scene showing her throat to Bill Clinton – deliberately set aside by the teachers – should be included. Monica Lewinsky, who knew that this part of the story was disgraceful after the trial, did not want to remove it.

“I wanted to be selfish and say, ‘Great men who don’t want to show it,’ but I know the general opinion of this story (…) so I told myself two things. First, I shouldn’t get special treatment because I was a producer, two, this It is unfair to burn writers in public for refusing to include footage, ”he says.

Why did he agree to face his old demons again at this point in his life? “I want to make sure this never happens to a young person again,” he said. However, Monica Lewinsky is afraid of a particular thing, which in public opinion “can not be understood once again”.

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