The Duck Days trailer celebrates International Dog Day again as a Pixar favorite

The Duck Days trailer celebrates International Dog Day again as a Pixar favorite

Today is International Dog Day, and Disney is celebrating the release of a new trailer for its upcoming series, Days dug. The new series, which premiered at Disney +, will be a sequel to the film Picture Animation Studios, UP. The 2009 Oscar-winning original film starred the adorable dog Doug, whose high-tech collar was able to translate his thoughts into word of mouth. Check out the new trailer already unveiled today!

Official Abstract for Upcoming Disney + Series: “Picture Animation Studios” Days dug New collection of short films following the humorous misdeeds of Disney and Pictures’ beloved dog Doug Up to. ⁇

In each short film the daily events that take place in and around Dukin’s backyard are featured through the excited (and happily distorted) eyes of our favorite talking dog. Bob Peterson (Nemo World, Monsters Inc.), Who played Duckin’s voice actor in the 2009 film, will return in the new series. American actor and presenter has written and directed new short films, while Kim Collins is defined as a producer.

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Returned with Bob Peterson, actor Edward Azner (Elf, American Dad) Will return to the voice of Carl Frederickson. The original voice actor Jordan Naga will not be giving voice to his character Russell. At the moment, it is not confirmed who will be in charge of Russell’s new voice in the upcoming Disney shorts. No other actors or characters were revealed. Below is the official trailer for the 2009 film, UP.

Released in May 2009, Disney and Pictures UP The 78-year-old balloon seller follows Carl Frederickson, who is on the verge of realizing a lifelong dream. Building thousands of balloons for his home, he heads to the jungles of South America. But Carlin’s nightmare comes true when he learns that a little boy named Russell is lurking in a balloon – run house.Up to It has won $ 293 million in the United States and Canada and $ 442.1 million in other countries, $ 735.1 million worldwide. The film became the sixth highest grossing film of 2009 and the fourth highest grossing Pixar film.

The Disney + series takes place after the events of the original film, as it focuses on when Duck and Carl live in the suburbs. “Pit has a pure heart, he’s a good soul. I think people enjoy this part of the duck,” Peterson said. “Also, people love their dogs. As a screenwriter and co-director, writing and directing Disney shorts is nothing new. UP.

Since this will be the first time in the suburbs, the new animated short film will feature the main character with all sorts of new experiences for the first time. “It’s all new, he’s excited about it,” he says. “But a little squirrel aside, little things can distract Duck. There will be a total of five new shorts in the new series. Days dug This is Pixar’s third television series Star Command Buzz Lightyear, And Monsters at work. The next series will air on Disney + only on September 1st.

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