Lampta variant of Govit-19 was found in Colima

Detectan variante Lambda de Covid-19 en Colima

The Lampta variant The SARS-CoV-2 virus, first detected in Peru, was first detected in Colima on August 19, according to the Secretary of Health and Social Welfare (SSBS). Leticia Delcado Guerrero Placeholder Image.

Because of this variation in organization, there are already nine different types of colima circulating, and there are 96 cases of patients with these mutations, 48% of which are over-spread.

“This risk is further increased as there are new variants of the virus in our state and 96 patients currently have a different variant. Virus del SARS-CoV-2Of the variants of interest, only one case has been identified, which represents 1% of the total and is the Lampta variant, ”he said.

He explained that 23 cases were associated with the delta variant, 13 alpha, 10 gamma and one lambda variant.

According to the Federal Secretary of Health, both the Regional University Hospital and the Decoman General Hospital in the state capital in Colima are occupied by beds with 100% ventilators, while four hospitals within the company are in red hot spots. Their stay in beds with fans ranges from 73% to 82%.

Even in this situation, health and education officials in the state have said the plan to return to Facebook classes will continue until August 30.

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