Supercell introduced Everdele on mobiles with an imaginary company

Supercell introduced Everdele on mobiles with an imaginary company

Sports Everdale Not well known among gamers, but time is available App Store And Google Games Under another name. Supercell behind, the creator of this event Fighting between heirs, Who chose “Soft release” of the title under a fictional name, An enthusiastic strategy that helps to work without stress and asks for the most honest feedback from users.

Everdale They are published on such mobiles Valleys and villages, A common name Free collaboration game and Village building, Share resources And go on adventures. Although this is not Supercell’s first peace game – without emphasis on comradeship and conflict -, கோடகு Keep in mind that the developer’s biggest successes come from action and fighting: Boom Beach, Conflict Royal, Fighting stars, Conflict Quest And mentioned Fighting between heirs. False name of this developer: Osmium Interactive P.D. Ltd.

Apparently Supercell was afraid of their community’s reaction to the style change They were screened Valleys and villages To analyze data in certain areas, read adjustments and reviews Users who look like another simulation game. However, it also had its risks: it was very difficult to promote, but luckily I had over 50,000 installations on Android and 900 reviews to help polish the final version. Everdale.

Everdale de Supercell Say Lance

Its final version comes almost a year after its alpha

“We decided to start Everdale With a white mark. That way we can learn from a small number of real players, read social trends, and collaborate to create an experience that everyone can enjoy. In the fall of 2020 we released the alpha version Everdale Under a different name, Valleys and villages De Osmium Interactive “, The team comments. “After ten months and five updates, We think the game will eventually work out the way we want it to“.

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