NFL | Changing rooms is for vaccinated staff only

NFL |  Changing rooms is for vaccinated staff only

The NFL has ruled that only properly vaccinated staff and a maximum of 50 people can access the locker room when there are players on sports days.

Barry Wilner
Associated Press

According to a note sent to 32 groups, a copy of which was received by the Associated Press, the policy is effective immediately. The staff mentioned in the new rule will include coaches, therapists, equipment assistants, a general manager, a security representative, three members of the communications team and a locker room support staff.

Players do not need to be vaccinated against Covid 19, but the NFL says more than 90% of them already have.

In a note dated Wednesday, he said, “Journalists not affiliated with the team will not be allowed in the locker rooms.” If a player in the dressing room needs medical help or the club chooses to collect samples for doping tests on match day, the medical professional or person in charge of the collection […] Until adequate vaccination is given, access to the locker room may be limited to a maximum of 50 people. ”

A Covid-19 protocol coordinator per team can enter the locker room to manage Kinexon devices (they are used for surveillance and social distance) or disinfect the league without counting a maximum of 50 people. These individuals also need to be adequately vaccinated.

Teams end the preparatory calendar this weekend. The regular season begins on September 9, when the Super Bowl champions host the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Dallas Cowboys. The first full series will take place on September 12.

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