Thunder among the curries!

Seth et Steph Curry

As Stef prepares to lead the Warriors back into rivalry and Seth continues to lurk in Philadelphia, the two Curry brothers learn some unfortunate news from within their family …

Dell and Sonia Curry, it’s over. The celebrity couple, who gave birth to Step, Seth and Sidel Curry, will divorce at Sonia’s request. TMZ reported that the request was made last June by the mother of two NBA players in North Carolina. She and her husband met in college 35 years ago.

NBA fans should be familiar with these two familiar individuals, often in games involving Seth or Steff. During the 2019 playoffs of the Warriors vs Blazers series, Sonia and Dell wore a “mixed” outfit, each wearing a Portland and Golden State jersey, making history not to be the envy of the family!

The reasons for the divorce are not yet known, but it should be known as soon as we know the trend of TMZ’s nose in this type of business. Steff, Seth or any member of the family has not yet responded to the message.

I hope both brothers have cut their work for this 2021-2022 campaign: Steff is once again aiming for the title surrounded by Dreammond Green and Clay Thompson, while Philadelphia will be able to play a key role if Seth is finally able to master the long-awaited course.

NBA, Sonya and Del Carrie are a “star” couple among parents so each will continue their life on their own. A message that will inevitably upset fans of the curry clan.

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