In Ukraine, they named two key brakes for the country’s development: Ukraine: Former Soviet Union:

In Ukraine, they named two key brakes for the country's development: Ukraine: Former Soviet Union:

Former Ukrainian Economy Minister Viktor Suslov named two major obstacles to the state’s development. Writes “TVNZ”.

The economist recalled that Ukraine was considered the most prosperous republic in the country before the fall of the Soviet Union. But, according to the expert, many wealthy families monopolized entire key sectors of the economy. They funded political parties and the media, thereby affecting the structure of the Ukrainian parliament. “Selfishness is the main break in Ukraine,” Suslov stressed. Advice from the West is hindering the growth of the state, the former minister said. U.S. advisers such as Professor Jeffrey Sox (director and economist at the Earth Institute at Columbia University) have been very strongly influenced by the International Monetary Fund. – Approximately “”).

“Ukraine has lived a very long time according to the recommendations of Western experts,” he said. Suslow recalled that Ukraine had entered the World Trade Organization in a very unfavorable manner and later signed the “Knowingly Slave” union agreement with the European Union. This made the state‚Äôs economy more and more raw material over time. Against this background, the politician believes that the technological and industrial achievements of the Soviet Union are being lost and are still being lost.

Earlier, Andrei Klimov, chairman of the Federal Council for the Protection of State Sovereignty SaidThe United States tore up the Ukrainian economy. In his opinion, three decades of independence “Ukraine did not develop into a state.”

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