Cavan Piccio was injured again

Cavan Piccio was injured again

In conclusion, the 2021 season of Cavan Piccio is not his. After a normal start to the season, the last few months have been marked by injuries.

Currently, he is rehabilitating the buffalo, but he was injured (again) while diving for a ball.

The injury will slow his recovery and he will not return to the big club for long. He will have imaging tests to determine the severity of his injury.

This season with Jayce, Tenbawa maintains a 215 batting average. He’s not a hitter who maintains an excellent batting average, but the percentage of his path appearances is his strength and that percentage has dropped significantly this season. It went from about 40% to almost 30%.

Yes, Jayce needs a good left-handed player in the bat, but is in no hurry to return to the game. In the third goal, Santiago Espinal did a good job, with the same token he quickly won the hearts of fans and Charlie Montoya.

Some people want to trade Piggio for a good gunman.

Brevik Valera also does a good job in situations where he is a vague hitter.

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