Airbnb is determined to help refugees facing the “Afghan humanitarian crisis.”

Airbnb is determined to help refugees facing the "Afghan humanitarian crisis."

The U.S. agency wants to help 20,000 charities through the charity since Tuesday, August 24th. If the terms of operation are not yet clear, the Airbnb boss confirms “Duty to act” In the face of a humanitarian catastrophe.

That’s one “Compassion”, A gesture “Generous”According to the Anglo-Saxon Press. The online accommodation booking site Airbnb announced on Tuesday that it would help Afghans leave their country at the hands of the Taliban. Shortly after the capture of Kabul, Related Defender, The U.S. agency has already partnered with several humanitarian associations to prepare the reception and shelter for the first 165 Afghan asylum seekers who came to the United States.

The initiative – funded by the housing booking platform and its managing director and co-founder Brian Cesky – is expected to accommodate about 20,000 people from Afghanistan for free or through low-cost housing, provided by volunteer “sponsors”. It does not specify the duration of the ARPNP operation or the countries affected.

“Tens of thousands of Afghan refugees are settling abroad, they are about to start a new beginning, for which they will need housing.”, Explained Brian Cesky on Twitter, quoting the British newspaper. According to him, the seizure of power by the Taliban poses risks “One of the biggest humanitarian crises of our time”, And he asks companies to take responsibility.

The “pressure” of public opinion

Appreciated by the Western media, the initiative is mainly responsive “Increasing pressure on corporations and countries around the world to help and assist those desperately trying to escape from Afghanistan.”, According to Washington Post. About 2.5 million Afghans are currently deported, according to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.UNHCR) “But officials believe their numbers are likely to be higher.”, Refers to the American daily.

On the humanitarian front, Airbnb was not on its first attempt. Founded in 2017, its Open Homes initiative has accommodated thousands of people following a massive earthquake in Mexico the same year, or after a fire in California and Australia. The company launched its charity in December 2020.

“The non-profit organization, funded by the activities of Airbnb and personal donations from the company’s three co-founders, was inspired by the methods of the citizen movements.”, Starts again Defender. In 2012, some of the hosts who registered on the platform volunteered to provide free shelter for those affected by Hurricane Sandy on the east coast of the United States. Since then, more than 75‚ÄČWith the help of Airbnb’s logistics, 000 people were able to benefit from a hosting accommodation.

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