Why does the NFL organize joint training between teams if there is a fight?

Why does the NFL organize joint training between teams if there is a fight?

This season, the NFL released a 17-game schedule for teams with less than a season.

Therefore, make their arrangements well in advance of the start of the campaign. Joint exercises between teams to increase the intensity of exercises are increasingly popular.

Except for having a catch: Players compete and they throw on the field.


Take, for example, the training shared by the Browns and Giants.

Fighting on the ground

In this game, Sterling Shepherd and Troy Hill fight for a game that will quickly change physically.

Nothing out of the ordinary, the NFL is a physical sport.

After the queue, it was a mess.

The two players traded and then the two teams merged.

Why put players in situations like this?

Earlier this week, Bucks’ Antonio Brown beat the Titans defender and was sent off.

This is nothing new, collective practices existed a few years ago and fights often occur.

So, we begin with the question: why is it still there?

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