The best things Andy Berlin ate at the Phoenix subway this week were set on fire

The best things Andy Berlin ate at the Phoenix subway this week were set on fire

Reviewer’s Notebook is a series in which our food reviewer Andy Berlin shares his favorite bite and chips of the week.

This week’s focus was on fantastic brunch and brunch: an alpine-style pizza at Gilbert, an eggplant dip at a West Side Moroccan restaurant, and a plate of Huevos Rancheros in Midtown.

Forgive me for skipping dinner, but my food will not be hidden before dark. I shared Seven course lunch Kebabs, two different tokens and a sweet chicken pie in Aljohar Malin Jewel. Near Phoenix, I drank a tequila cocktail and shared a plate of French pork pozzolos. And in the heart of a sprawling Gilbert shopping center, I spotted a fast pizzeria serving creamy flames from the Alsace region of France.

Although the dishes come from different corners of the world and the valley, one thing that is common to all the foods on this list is that they are so good that they are not shared. Here are the best things I ate this week.

Huos Rancheros or Presidio Mexican food

Purpecha cocktails flew out the window during the French service at the Mexican restaurant’s hip gem. A mixture of tequila, guava juice and lime appeared Order the most popular beverage, except Mexican hot chocolate with a high bitter content. Was hungry Burritos or Soriso and Silagils On the menu, but I could not Resist the beauty of some well-prepared farm eggs ($ 13.95). Presidio excels in their sauces and the smoked red sauce was in addition to my fried egg and crispy snack. Breakfast was one on the potato side This little bite of delicious sorrel is a nice surprise.

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details: 519 W. Thomas Road, Phoenix, 602-279-8420,

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Kashkpathemjan in Alsohur

Next door An Islamic fashion store, Alsohur’s dining room may not be luxurious, but the food is epic. I was amazed at the hot pan of burning eggplant, which led to an epic two-hour lunch. There were traditional Moroccan pastries like chicken and almond pastil Featured in cake shots throughout Decorative knives to cut them. But nothing so dramatic Traditional Iranian Eggplant Dip, Kashkpademjan ($ 7). It happened on a cast iron plate and caught fire when it came to our table The owner, Sor Chad, cooked and served everything himself. When the fire was extinguished and we were able to dive, the creamy eggplant practically spread over me. Pita in an embedded heavenly place With crushed roasted garlic slices and fresh mint.

details: 7814 n. 27th Ave., Phoenix, 602-433-5191,

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Lama des Alps at Frenzy Pizza

The French Bulldog that was walking in the store when I arrived, as I first thought, was not the symbol of this French style pizzeria. In fact, he is a customer. In particular, he was a client’s best friend. This Alsatian spot encourages hosts to bring their French, and if they do, they will catch a polaroid for the Frenzy Woof of Fame. At this new counter service restaurant, the owners of Gilbert’s P. Castrober, Fabrice and Myrot Bushtets sell flamingo cakes as they are made in Alsace. The crust is not the same as the original, paper thin aslatine, but with Alpine Lama ($ 13) bacon, ham, white onion, sour cream with a similar flame sauce and an original Munster cheese. . While this is enough for lunch, pizza lovers will find the French fire experience a worthy treat.

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details: 3765 Semin S. Gilbert, Gilbert, 480-306-7776,

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