Top 14. Some hops retained in Australia were allowed to play from day one

Top 14. Certains Tricolores retenus en Australie autorisés à jouer dès la première journée

Southwest Says a deal has been reached this week, so the players are unused players XV of France On Australia Can play the first day First 14. Bordeaux rear-like elements Romain Piros Or the opener French stadium Joris Second will be available at their club from the beginning of September. In total, nine players, including Etienne Four Gate, Oliverty Raga,Separate Willy (Clermont), Clovis Lay Bail (Pav), Patrick Sobela (Leon), Jervice Cardin (துலோன்) And Florent von Werberg (Castress)

Like the other hops selected for the tour in Australia, they must have missed the start of the championship. But following the selection of the coach to win the series against the Wallabies, they did not even play a single match.

So it was decided in the joint committee to reduce their retirement time before the start of the 2021/2022 season. Southwest However, the terms of the agreement stipulate: “Only four weeks instead of five weeks at the club.”With three weeks of preparation, they should be back on a weekend vacation by the end of November.This is good news for the clubs involved as other teams face injuries before training begins.Top 14. Jules Zimbert (UPP) and Fasundo Isa (RCD) already have their knees in the glove boxTop 14. Jules Zimbert (UPP) and Fasundo Isa (RCD) already have their knees in the glove box

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