Delta Variation: New regulation in Australia after the discovery of a cluster

Delta Variation: New regulation in Australia after the discovery of a cluster

This is a worrying variant. On Saturday, June 24, the streets of Sydney were almost empty, with the aim of controlling the spread of much epidemic at the start of the two-week lockout Contrasting delta Covid 19 in Australia’s largest city. The Prime Minister of the State of New South Wales, Gladys Perezglian, announced that the imprisonment, which had been in effect since midnight on Friday in four districts of the city, would apply to the entire city from 6pm (8am GMT) on Saturday.

More than 80 people have tested positive this week, all related to the driver who took flight attendants from Sydney Airport to isolated hotels. “The Delta variant is proving to be a particularly formidable adversary,” state health minister Brad Hazard told reporters. “No matter what preventive measures are taken, we know how to counter the virus,” he added.


The discovery of these new cases came as a shock to Australia’s largest metropolis of more than five million people, where life has returned to normal. “When you have an infection like the delta virus, a three-day lock will not work,” said Gladys Periglion, who defended the decision to impose a two-week lock. “Transmissibility is at least double that of previous categories, so we need to be prepared for a greater number of cases in the coming days,” he added.

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For two weeks, residents can go out only to buy essentials, medical facilities, fitness, go to school or work. Anyone in the country has gone too Sydney Even Monday has to isolate itself for fourteen days.

Australia has so far the spread of Covid 19 on its soil, with a total of less than 30,000 cases of Covid 19 since the outbreak and less than a thousand deaths for more than 25 million people.

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