The United Kingdom condemns the Turkish bombings in northern Iraq, not to mention Turkey

The United Kingdom condemns the Turkish bombings in northern Iraq, not to mention Turkey

Today, Thursday, the United Nations (UNAMI) in Iraq condemned the Turkish airstrikes on northern Nineveh and warned of a “dangerous” escalation, not to mention Ankara.

The mission said in a statement: “We are concerned about the dangerous security developments in northern Iraq, which have resulted in significant casualties and injuries in Sinjar.”

“Necessary precautions should be taken during military operations, including air strikes, to minimize the impact on civilians who often experience the effects of such attacks,” he added.
“It is important to conduct an immediate and thorough investigation into such incidents and to hold the public accountable for the deaths and injuries,” he added.
The UN mission called on all parties to exercise restraint to avoid dangerous events.

On Wednesday, the Council of Iraqi National Security Councils condemned the bombing of Sinjar district over the past two days, but did not refer to Turkey.

In the past two days, a Turkish plane has carried out attacks in the Sinjar district, killing a leader of the popular mobilization force and other militants in the Sinjar security force, notably “Yapsha”.

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