Tesla Humanoid Robot: Elon Musk says prototype will arrive next summer and be friendly

Tesla Humanoid Robot: Elon Musk says prototype will arrive next summer and be friendly

Elon Musk presented his first humanoid robot in a short live presentation, which they named the Tesla Pot.

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Tesla Boat The prototype Ilona mask will be ready by the end of the summer of 2022, according to the announcement, and it will be people-friendly – you can definitely escape from that, said the Tesla founder.

The Tesla Bot is designed to do things that people generally do mechanically.

The robot is as tall as the average person, it can lift almost 70 kilograms from one place, carry 20 kilograms or add a load of up to 4.5 kilograms with one hand. The Tesla Pat weighs 56 kilograms and can go up to 8km / h. The robot is designed to participate in complex tasks based on the robot’s performance, and is dangerous to humans – contaminated and polluted zones, fire zones, flood zones and the like.

Instead of a face, the Tesla Pat features a screen with information and a control interface, which is made of light, resistant and durable material, and its hands look like humans. In order to achieve balance of movements in most situations, the feet move in multiple axes, while 40 mechanical actuators are installed on the robot’s body for movements including the joints – 12 arms, arms and legs and two torsos and neck.

Following in the footsteps of Tesla cars and the Tesla Bot, an autopilot system in the head, cameras, powerful FSD system and extensive neural network, planning, simulation, use of parts and equipment, monitoring, autonomous movement, training memory and the like.

Tesla and is clear Team Ilona Masca Make extensive use of artificial intelligence in all of these, viz. The success of machine learning and holistic planning, which is an indication of the best things that can be expected from human beings in the future, depends on the quality of AI to reflect and repeat what people are learning. According to Ilona Moscow, we can send the Tesla bottle to the store, pick up the goods or bring them to us, the project is planned for such a thing in its first phase.

Tesla Pat is the code name for the human figure Optimus And Elon Musk, as well as all of his projects, are looking for someone who can help build the AI ​​and hardware for this project. If you are interested – Direction tesla.com/AI Site!

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Tesla Pat humanoid robot Ilona mask video
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