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Microsoft has released the first ISO image of Windows 11. Website Companies

Windows 11 Insider Preview is a clean install on built-in 22000.132 ISO compatible computers. Using this, you can install an earlier version of the operating system and learn about the updated interface and options.

“You will be guided by the new Windows 11 installation process, which is designed to generate interest in the operating system from the beginning,” the company said in a statement. Microsoft experts invited those who downloaded the released OS to share their posts or talk about problems using the feedback form.

Previously, Microsoft distributed newer versions of Windows exclusively through the Update Center. The first configuration of the new OS was released at the end of June. Only members of the Windows Insider Preview can download and install the ISO operating system.

Windows 11 Announced June 24. The general version of the OS will appear at the end of the year.

Formerly Microsoft Given New paint design. The iconic graphic editor has a fluid design concept and an interface related to a night theme. A newer version of the application is available to beta test project participants.

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