Good news for the Blues not playing in Australia


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This was the result expected by many rugby players, including players. The “Blues” are allowed to play in the top 14 from the first day of the championship, not even playing a minute in Australia Southwest. They were nine of the 42 Frenchmen selected With Fabian Kaltik this summer. However, their clubs have to offer them an extra weekend off by November, the regional daily states.

So all nine players will be back on track on September 4th. An agreement involving Clovis Le Bale, Jervice Courtin, Alveretti Raga, Danny Wiley, Romain Bureau, Patrick Sobela, Florent Vanverberg, Etienne Forgate and Joris Seconds. Goal scorer for the state franchise A few days ago, he told us of his desire to run again soon. France’s XV players who played against Australia will have to wait before finding the top 14 spots.

Expected recovery

Nine players selected by Fabian Celtic this summer, who have not played a single minute against Australia, have finally reduced their vacation and will be able to play from the first day of the championship on September 4th.

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