“The weather is bad”: A popular venture investor recommends betting on funds in green technologies


19 ago 2021 13:41 GMT

Entrepreneur Chris Sacka promises in a letter to potential investors in his new fund that “there is no need for a bigger climate yet”.

American venture investor Chris Sacka is known as one of the first people to make payments on Instagram, Twitter and Uber. Low Carbon Capital Fund, Pick up Axes.

At the same time, Saka says Release The company was able to raise a total of $ 800 million. “Fix the planet“, While still emphasizing that there is a” huge unmeasured climate demand. “For that reason,”The only chance Mankind “goes through gaining many people and many resources to focus on solutions,” the document reads.

They report the first severe water shortage in the United States' largest reservoir (and also affects Mexico)

On the other hand, Saka agrees that this money, however, is not important to his finances if an investor pays resources only to “pursue financial returns”. Will contribute For a change in the current environmental situation.

Evidence of climate change

To justify the need to invest in projects such as low-carbon capital, the report urges the report of the International Commission on Climate Change, an organization of scientists created by the United Nations. Experts at the system predict that the last four decades since 1850 will be warmer than previous decades. Significant increase in extreme weather conditions In the next 20 or 30 years.

These data are included in these July calculations It was Very hot Never documented on Earth, it helped spread the devastating wildfires that hit the United States, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Russia and other countries.

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