The tax system is self-assessment, WP should play an active role

The tax system is self-assessment, WP should play an active role

“This is something that taxpayers need to focus on. Self-assessment How the taxpayer determines himself, calculates, pays and reports about his SPT (Surat Notice). It can be said that taxpayers are more active than their tax authorities, ”Hanum said in a statement Speech show Entitled Red pays the white line On Thursday (19/8/2021) the DJP was held by the regional office of East Java I.

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Increase the tax rate, tax reform is not negotiable

Moment Official rating As a result, Latifa added, only tax authorities play an active role in tax collection. Meanwhile, taxpayers only take on a passive role when waiting for tax assessments from tax authorities.

With the change in the tax collection system, according to him, the government should continue to carry out tax reform. Reforms are needed to create a more transparent, accountable and policy tax authority Good corporate management (GCG)

At the event, PT Kabal Abby Global CEO Merconodo shared his experience regarding this change in the tax collection system. Collection plan Officer EvaluationThe tax officer is the one who determines the nominal tax payable by the taxpayer.

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There is a possibility of increased tax disputes, here is the government’s explanation

When with the computer Self-assessmentSodomo continued, there is room for taxpayers to calculate their own business profits. Taxpayers can also determine the total tax payable.

“We know if the business is going up or down. At the end of the year we can decide for ourselves whether we are getting paid more or being paid less. [dibandingkan dengan official assessment], Soedomo said.

Latifa Hanum, secretary of the FIA ​​Universitas Pravijaya Research and Social Services Agency, said tax reform in 1983 changed the collection system. Official rating Is Self-assessment It has demanded that taxpayers play a serious role in paying taxes. (Juice)

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