A new Laker has set himself a crazy cola for the upcoming season!


The author of Los Angeles High-Talent Recruitment can already be confident that its new residents are hot as emperors. One of the new players was announced I want to achieve a bigger goal in 2021-22. We want him to achieve that!

If the last season was missed, the Lakers would not want to repeat this scene. Make way for a new film, who says new adds. This is a real waltz that has been going on in California for the past few weeks, which wants to make a nonsense list. LeBron James & Co.

The good news is that recruits are happy to be in the city of Angels, and they have no shortage of ambition. Kent Bassmore also caused a stir after he signed, Immediately shows the proportional intentions for the upcoming campaign. It promises!

Apparently, the words of the former warrior inspired the world as Kendrick Nun adopted a similar mindset at a press conference. The start of the free agency came from the heat, and the guard wanted to declare the color directly. Purple and Gold have been warned, he will take the lead next year!

I play on both sides of the court, I play, I bring my strength to include my teammates and attack the defense. I am very determined for the defense. I am proud to play in defense, so I am proud and perform well. I come, I try to contribute as much as I can, to bring my strength to the game and win.

Signed for two years and ten million dollars, the former South Coast should be a better alternative to the lead Russell Westbrook. However, he lacks self-confidence because his defensive +/- ratio was -0.3 last year. So we can not talk about a monster defender yet, especially in the attack he distinguished himself.

However, its approach is correct considering the current context. There are plenty of scores in LA, and it makes sense that some elements of the team are more focused on working in their own field. With almost a break for a game in 2020-21, Nun also made some starts. Frank Vogel will surely appreciate that he confirms all of this at the start of the season.

At Lakers, everyone has their own little personal ambitions. If Kendrick can make good progress in security, he will provide proud service to his owner in any case!

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