Video. The Boston Dynamics Atlas flips the incredible backs of robots

Video.  The Boston Dynamics Atlas flips the incredible backs of robots

Developed in 1992 and acquired by Google in 2013, the American company Boston Dynamics specializes in robotics, especially for military use, and continues to attract.

At the moment, it is Atlas, equipped with his almost human-sized bipolar robot (1.52 m by 86 kg), 28 hydraulic joints, which puts on the show. In a subtle show, his two robots train Parker (the art of motion) with an agility that many humans can envy. Integrated, precise, the two machines finish their performance with two pin salts before congratulating each other and are proud of their achievement.

In another video, Boston Dynamics reveals behind the scenes of this achievement (in English), but also reveals the successive failures of its robots before coming to their final demonstration.

“Atlas uses 3D printed parts that give the required strength / weight ratio to the tabs and Somerset,” the company says.

Boston Dynamics is not its first record: in 2012, it released Cheetah, a leg-mounted robot capable of beating Usain Bolt. Four years later, Spotmini’s method is to extract light by wiping with a dishwasher. Most recently, in 2018, it was his robot-dogs that caused concern …

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