The Poly Network site offers massive cryptocurrency theft as its key security adviser

The Poly Network site offers massive cryptocurrency theft as its key security adviser

The developers of the blockchain-based Polly Network proposed to a hacker who stole more than $ 600 million in the history of cryptocurrency to play the role of chief security adviser. In a press release issued by the company.

After being hit by a cyber hack last week, the Polly Network began to recover its misappropriated funds because the attacker wanted to expose only one vulnerability in the computer rather than steal the money. In total, except for one cryptocurrency worth about $ 33 million. CNBC said it had been sent back.

Mr. The white hat is for our appreciation and encouragement [c’est ainsi qu’ils désignent les pirates informatiques qui divulguent les vulnérabilités des systèmes face à des piratages potentiels] To continue to contribute to security improvements in the blockchain world with the Polly Network, we warmly invite Mr. White Hots to become Polly Network’s Senior Security Advisor“, Can we read in the company text?

Although the author of the theft refuses to accept the reward of $ 500,000, he plans to return the amount.To a wallet address authorized by Mr. White Hot, which will be used at his discretion for cyber security and to support programs and the public“.

Refund pending

Although partially repaidRobbery“More than 200 million people are on the blocked account, which requires hacker and platform passwords. An anonymous person who claims to be the perpetrator of the attack has promised to return these assets.Everyone will be ready“.

On the other hand, Polly said it wanted to launch a network. “A significant system update“In order to prevent the appearance of new attacks, however, the reset will not take place until all funds have been repaid.

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