Google removes the app on Android 12, the final applause

Google is preparing to remove the Android Auto Mobile application on Android 12, according to XDA Developers site revelations and a report by Google from our colleagues from the 9To5Google site. Next on Google OS.

Android Auto End App
Credits: Google

Launched in 2014 during the Google I / O, Android Auto has established itself year after year when it comes to connected and smarter driving experience. The OS is enriched with many features such as WhatsApp and Telegram, Coyote, Split Screen Mode integration or music and podcast suggestion.

Also from 2016, you can use, configure and customize your Android Auto experience, thanks to a dedicated mobile app Android Auto for Mobile. Well, if you are a serious user of this processor know that in any case it is necessary to leave it on Android 12. Revealed by our colleagues from the XDA Developers site, Google to remove Android Auto Mobile Processor On his next OS.

In fact, Google wants it Google Assistant’s integrated driving system, Launched two years ago. Mountain View has confirmed the news to our colleagues on the 9To5Google site. The Android Auto Mobile app is no longer available on Android 12, but on older OS versions. In fact, Google Assistant’s driving pattern “Android 12 mobile integrated mobile driving experience.

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The Android Auto app paves the way for Google Assistant’s driving mode

Google Assistant Driving Mode is our next evolution in mobile driving. For people who use Android Auto on supported vehicles, this experience will not go away. For those who use the Android Auto experience on the phone (Android Auto Mobile application), they will be switched to the driving mode of Google Assistant. From Android 12, Google Assistant’s driving system will be an integrated mobile driving experience ”, The American company says.

You will understand that those who use the Android Auto Mobile application will eventually understand Switch to the driving mode provided by Google Assistant. As a reminder, the main interest of this app is that you can enjoy Android Auto without OS compatible control screen on your vehicle. Apps provided a practical interface for quick access to large icons, some multimedia applications such as Google Assistant, Google Maps and SpotFi.

Source: 9To5Google

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