Google Photos: 4 important things you need to know

Google Photos: 4 important things you need to know

Google Photos .. Google based free application for backing up photos and videos. Many people want to keep their photos and videos safe. Photos should go into it automatically. But there is a limit to Google Photos. Did you know that all those photos and videos will fly away if you go beyond that .. or run for a long time with full memory? So, take a look at these things related to Google Photos.

Google offers some free space for each Google account for the use of Google Photos. There are options like Express, Storage Saver, Original Quality. If the original quality is not clicked .. Photos and videos will not be saved in good quality. Then save the photos to a smaller size. Those photos and videos will appear blurred in Google Photos. Many people give low quality priority to space in Google Photos. But, if you want to hide the quality photo .. you should not click on the original quality option.

If the storage is high ..
Just like Google Drive in Google Account Storage .. Google gives 15GB of space for photos. If this limit is exceeded .. Photos and videos taken from now on will not be automatically saved in the Google Photos app. Then the already stored data (photos, video already exists) is likely to be affected. So, you can buy extra storage for Google Photos with Google One subscription.

If you do not buy ..
Google Photos will be completed in full quota (15GB completed), otherwise no additional storage will be purchased. Subsequent photos and videos are no longer valid for Google Photo Backup. I mean .. save Kavannamatha. If you run Google Photos processor with over quota for 24 months, there is a risk that the photos and videos in it will already be deleted automatically. Therefore, if Google Photos memory is full, you should stop using the Google Photos app (via settings).

Google says
All content and data will be automatically deleted if Gmail, Google Photos, Google Drive (Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Maps, Forms, Jumbo Board, Sites, Files) are not used for two years. But Google also warns its users by email and notifications. This will alert the user again three months before deleting. This allows the content to be downloaded at that time.

If you’ve been active in Gmail and Drive, you’ve ignored Google Photos for two years. Google removes all content in Google Photos.

Avoid deleting data.
Sign in to your Google Account often. You need to check Gmail, Google Drive, Google Photos (whether on the Internet or in the Apps) via the Internet connection. Deleting unwanted photos, videos, content .. Maintaining free space. Another important thing is that most people maintain two or three Google accounts on the same phone. Therefore, Photos, Drive, Gmail accounts should be verified for all accounts.

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