‘London’s worst attraction’ project manager resigns

Le site de construction de MArble Arche Mound
By Mail Norban | Posted on 08/13/2021 at 13:20 Updated on 08/13/2021 at 1:30 pm

A long time ago, we talked about the failure we faced Marble arch ridge and its closureThen its free access was granted Following the reopening. Today, the mountain is so bad and has been dubbed the “worst attraction in London” that it still speaks of the resignation of Westminster City Council Vice President Melvin Kaplan at the start of the project.

The latter, which is expected to cost 3.3 million in all, is expected to cost £ 6 million more than actually expected, according to the board chairman.

For this reason, Melvin Kaplan, who has served on the council since 1990, offered his resignation, which was reluctantly accepted by Westminster City Council President Rachel Robatan. ” Regrettably, I accepted the resignation of my vice president, Melvin Chaplain, who led the project. We began a thorough internal review to understand what went wrong and to make sure it never happened again. She said, “Considering the rising cost.” Absolutely unacceptable .

He reaffirmed the commitment of his council to help restore the vitality of British capital and to show hope for the future of the artificial mountain. ” When it opens fully in September, I hope people will come and see it with their own eyes. It may delight or divide people, but it’s good, but we hope it will eventually bring people to the West End and fulfill its original mission of reminding us why London is a world-class city. », She concludes.

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