London Pride was again canceled.

Un homme maquillé aux couleurs du drapeau pansexuel durant une Pride de Londres

For the second year in a row the organizers of the London Pride Parade have been forced to cancel their events, including parades and traditional demonstrations.

After a year and a half of hard work by all the professionals and associations involved, the health environment forced Pride to drop the festivities for 2021 in London. In the view of the so-called dominant groups: gender, sexual orientation or all other identities are grouped together under the abbreviation LGBTQ +.

In 2019, the streets of the capital were occupied by more than 30,000 people, which was appreciated by a record number of 1.5 million spectators. The organization created a thriller program with over a hundred events, and welcomed the inclusive and festive appraisal. Christopher Joel-Deschilds, head of the Pride in London organization, said it would have been possible to justify his choice and maintain pride, but with a very small audience, it would have gone Pride is against what we want it to be. […] How can we say that some have tickets and others do not? .

Sadiq Khan was the leader of the procession Pride since 2016 has expressed great disappointment, citing the group’s reasonable decision to spread the virus.

Sadiq Khan's tweet

“It’s a shame not to be able to take to the streets for Pride in London next month. It’s really one of the highlights of London, but the safety of our communities is paramount.

But the news angered some. On social networks, news that harms LGBTQ + rights, triggers dual quality: Euro maintained, discos open, but not proud. At the final in Wembley, nearly 60,000 happy people were able to enjoy the football performances. Contaminants went very well, for the first time during the euro, Men are more prone to goiter than women. What’s more, meanwhile, The Independence Day Arose, so this misunderstanding. As a reminder, other exciting social events have also been canceled Notting Hill Carnival Or Brighton Bright, very popular.

A tweet from Rachel Cunliffe

“Very sad. This is an outdoor parade. If the euro is over, why not be proud?”

Whatever our opinion on this cancellation, Pride in London wants to come back strong, even more beautiful. In his press release, Chris Joel-Deschilds recalled that 2022 marked the first half-century of this tradition. And add ” We demand that the government announce the year 2022 Strange “A call that is part of the community’s essential” visibility “has already been interrupted twice in a row. Putting issues on the agenda immediately Strange By the government Tory, In the meantime, we will place our hope on a sacred 2022 calendar.

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