Australia is this polluting country that refuses to do anything for the planet

Australia is this polluting country that refuses to do anything for the planet

The The results of the new IPCC report are final : We need to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions quickly to avoid a major catastrophe in the coming years. The figures and five views released by international experts are thrilling. Yet some top executives have already announced that they don’t really plan to focus. In AustraliaFor example, the Prime Minister, who has been consistently accused of being climate-skeptical by his opponents, has no intention of setting goals to fight climate change.

“We are doing our part”

“Australia is part of the solution. We are doing our part.” These are the first words of Scott Morrison a few hours after they were published IPCC Report, Monday. Australia’s Conservative Prime Minister on Tuesday refused to set more ambitious greenhouse gas reduction targets. “In the absence of plans, I will not sign a blank check in the name of Australians to achieve these goals,” he ruled a few months before COP26 in Glasgow.

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Oceania, however, is one of the world’s largest exporters of fossil fuels. Its economic growth has been driven by coal mining for nearly 50 years. Its resources are exported to Asian countries, …

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