UK – Supreme Court’s landmark decision against crypto exchange

UK - Supreme Court's landmark decision against crypto exchange

The British Supreme Court has ordered Finance’s cryptocurrency exchange to detect and hand over the details of its cyber attackers, in a ruling that opens the aylus bag to prevent British judicial abuse and prevent corruption and cyber attacks.

The “problem” of cryptocurrencies and cyber attacks

In particular, Fitch.I, which operates in the UK and Singapore in the field of artificial intelligence, claims that hackers have broken into its accounts on the Accounts Exchange and that they could not transfer assets, but 2. 2.6 million. They started selling them to third parties at very low prices.

Finance said it was able to freeze the account by detecting illegal activity and recovering a portion of the assets, but turned against it seeking redemption of the lost assets and the case reached the courts and finally the Supreme Court. Proved today.

This case was considered very important for legal reasons related to the hunting of hackers and how crypto transactions work, not only the increase in cyber attacks at all levels around the world, but also the fact that transactions are often involved. .


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