People who have no family and no tribe, – Belenuk called Skabeva a preacher

People who have no family and no tribe, - Belenuk called Skabeva a preacher

The athlete said she was talking nonsense. That’s why I don’t even want to comment on Skabeva’s statement.

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These are people who have no family and no tribe, and are motivated by only one thing – to create apparent nonsense. Honestly, I feel ashamed to comment on what Skabeva has to say,
– Pelenue noted.

According to the athlete, not enough people watch such shows.

Why Beleniu was photographed with Skabeva

Belenouk previously said he does not follow political events in Russia, so reports suggest he does not know what Skabiev is doing. Grandstand.

“First, I do not know who Olga Skabeva is … Secondly, I am a famous athlete, anyone can come and take a picture with me … Everyone should ask who she is, where she comes from and what she does?” – explained the athlete.

Photo from the telegraph channel of Peleniuk and Skabeva / campaigner

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