The 10 highest paid players in the 2021-22 season, the top 3 infiltrators!

NBA Les 10 plus gros salaires en 2021-22

Who says the stars say big pay, too, is no different in the NBA world. You only need to look at the top 10 highest paid players to realize it! However, one of them stands alone in this ranking … because he has nothing to do with the paper.

In the United States, sport is practically identical Show business Within the community. Thanks to this media coverage, especially the basketball benefits from a major financial boost, it is felt at almost all levels, including players. Salary evolution over the last 20 years is immeasurable in the NBA.

Suddenly, it is not uncommon to hear that an athlete in the league has signed a contract for $ 30, 35 or 40 million annually. In 2021-22 alone, a salary of six players will appear in this last category! They actually dominate the top 10 biggest deals, which is beautiful:

Clearly, these ten men are not to be pitied! However, we note that John Wall, currently on the Rockets, has a relatively high ranking. One and a half years ago he signed a four-season lease of $ 171 million with the guides, and the point guard took a very toxic deal with him to Texas. If injured frequently in recent exercises, it is more burdensome than anything else … no wonder the owner insists on parting with it.

At a very small rate, Paul George also has an enormous salary. If it’s a solid star, that’s okay Kavi Leonard Who is the boss of the clippers, while Fiji is their luxury lieutenant. However, they both earn the same salary … The former pacer’s perf in the playoffs has shown that he can lead a team far, but it’s scary.

Finally, the case Russell Westbrook Will call. Prodi is the highest paid member of the lockers who earns 44 million a year, so there is a lot of pressure on his shoulders, knowing that he already has to prove he can live with. Anthony Davis And LeBron James. The latter explodes with the amount he receives when he is 37 (41 million). What a sure thing that LA has a hand in the wallet for its superstars!

Like what, it will be a star in the NBA. We want to get salaries like these players, especially John Wall!

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