Alex Cora wants more from some of his players

Alex Cora wants more from some of his players

The Boston Red Sox came back to earth after the first half of the season beyond expectations. But here they now qualify for a playoff berth and take the lead with two thin games in the bottom row.

Although the Bostonians have been playing upside down since the start of the current campaign, manager Alex Cora believes he can give some of his flock, despite the fact that they have come to the expected level.

“Obviously some parts of our training have to be good. Overall, you need 26 guys to win the ball games. Not everyone plays well. Not everyone is contributing as much as they can. We’ll talk about that.”

So it is clear that changes are needed in the list, and some of them will come from the injured list and the paternal list.

“There’s a lot going on this weekend and next week with injuries on the injured list, obviously like Alex Verdugo and Christian Vasquez coming back. It’s a group talk and we’ll take it from there.”

Chris Saleh and Kyle Swarber will be back soon, but it won’t be enough if the current players don’t do the job.

There’s still plenty of time to turn things around in the Boss Rouge, but we have to admit that it will be a lot harder than we expected last spring.

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