Lockheed Martin, a California-based aircraft manufacturer, began assembling NASA’s supersonic aircraft, which promised to quietly exceed the speed of sound.

No Concord since its last flight in 2003 Supersonic aircraft In the civil plane. Of course, this does not mean that manufacturers are not breaking heads over how to revive technology. This is what NASA has been working on and has been developing for years X-59 aircraft.

The X-59 has only one goal: to keep the sound blast as quiet as possible. Sound explosion occurs when an aircraft exceeds the speed of sound. This noise and shock wave is a significant barrier to the spread of high-speed aircraft rather than sound in civilian traffic. For example, in most parts of the United States, a supersonic aircraft is prohibited from exceeding the speed of sound. That’s why NASA has begun developing the X-59, also known as the X-59 silent supersonic technology, and has now announced that the assembly of the framework has finally begun.

The prototype will be used to build a finished engine at the Lockheed Martin California site, which will reach speeds of up to 1,062 km / h without anyone on the ground hearing a loud explosion. NASA will work with local communities during test flights to obtain an accurate picture of reactions to aircraft noise, and will bring this data to decision makers.

[Visszatér sokak álma, a szuperszonikus repülés – kérdés, ki tud majd felülni a gépekre]

NASA hopes to halve travel time compared to the current situation and lift the ban on supersonic flights in the United States in the future.

The first aircraft is scheduled to take off via the X-59 later this year, and the first completed vehicle will be available to NASA in 2022.

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