“Don’t say that word”: Kyrie Irving renames her friend in the middle of the live!

Kyrie Irving n'a pas apprécié le mot employé par un ami à lui

Kyrie Irving leads many fights in her daily life, one of which is close to her heart. He really hates the use of a word and for this reason he does not hesitate to rename a friend in the middle of life!

Kyrie Irving He and his owners are on the brink of an important season … After being eliminated from the second round playoffs against the Bucks, the team suffered multiple injuries and the Nets had no reason for future defeat in the final. That’s why leaders trust their leader to achieve this goal The best news should be available to him soon.

Now the question is, will Uncle Drew take the lead in basketball … because beyond the courts, the All-Star Point Guard is also very busy with his many social and political activities, which sometimes take precedence in his life. For example, we remember his “disappearance” last season He appeared at political meetings while playing with his allies !

There is a use of one word in particular in many of the fights that Kyrie Irving has waged to improve her community … that word, which was mentioned by one of her good friends Truck Bryant, Star Point Guard des Nets, on a recent Instagram, is something he doesn’t like. He had to raise his tone slightly to ask himself in this matter.

Truck Bryant: You are my ****.

Kyrie Irving: Man, wait, you must be careful, do not say that word! There are so many kids listening to us on this live show, so words can set a trend for the next generation.

Kyrie Irving does not want to be called by my-word, especially even with her closest friends! Very honest attitude on his part and proves he is not hypocritical on this level. Last season, He had a tough lead with Dennis Schrder during the game against the Lakers, After the German leader banned the word across the Atlantic.

Kyrie Irving should be hanged, the word he hates is used by the majority of players on the field … inevitably Frictions Next season!

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