No Fun League: NFL wants to take drastic action on chambers

No Fun League: NFL wants to take drastic action on chambers

During the regular season, Tyrik Hill hit a touchdown and mocked Antoine Winfield. In the Super Bowl, the defender sends the supporter back to the receiver. It was so much fun for everyone and not really dangerous.

For the NFL, it was unbearable.

In a statement regarding the changed or strengthened rules for the 2021 season, the League Chamber announced that (Teasing, In the original version) is now specifically monitored and suppressed.

“The Players Association (NFLPA), the coaches and the tournament team were all committed to respecting everyone on the field,” explains the video explaining the rule changes. “We have seen an increase in these facts, which is clearly not in the sense of the regime and does not represent respect due to enemies and others on the field.

Referees are advised to strictly enforce the chamber rules and to remind players and coaches that a two chamber penalty imposed by a player will be waived. In addition, the teasing player may be fined and / or suspended depending on the severity of the act. “

It is not possible to actively negotiate the working conditions of its players, so the players’ association has time to at least address the real fundamental issues.

In 2020, only 10 fines per room were whistled. So we were on an important matter.

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