Jack White’s label to open a boutique in London

Jack White's label to open a boutique in London

After Nashville and Detroit, Third Man Records is preparing to open its sales center outside the United States.

This has always been a big event for vinyl lovers: every message on the label Third Man Records (founded by Jack White, half of White Stripes in 2001) is expected to be a new opportunity to lay hands on gold artist pancakes. At this time, the good news for the French is that the publishing company is about to open a store in London.

The first European shop

Of course, we will have to wait a while before heading to one of White’s preferred boutiques without crossing the border, but the English store will be set up outside the American continent first. One after the other.

A message that the famous guitarist wants to mark with a hot iron. At times, Jack White asked British artists to release unpublished songs or compose new songs for a collection that would sell on location on the first day. The label knows how to create a golden opportunity, so provide one Various Includes excerpts from Jesus and Mary Chain, Paul Weller (The Jam, The Style Council), David Rufin (The Temptations), Cornershop, Raincoats and Gina Birch (Founder of The Raincoats).

The brave can get a chance to get a copy at 1 Marshall Street (Soho) on September 29th!

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