T-Street talk: The future dominance of artificial intelligence, we will focus on these 6 companies …

T-Street talk: The future dominance of artificial intelligence, we will focus on these 6 companies ...

After Govt, artificial intelligence becomes an important need for us. That is why large companies are increasing their productivity and developing new products through technology based on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning.

What is artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science that works to create intelligent machines. The important thing is that these machines think like humans. Speech recognition, problem solving, learning and planning. This information was provided by Kshitij Mahajan of Complete Circle Consultants Pvt. But we do not recommend the companies mentioned by them, we only give information about these companies and their shares for your information.


By 2025, AI will be used in all PASS products. The Bosch Indigo S + is a good example. This is a robot lawn trio. You can enable this with voice control by Amazon Alexa. A similar Bosch Sound Sea is a sensor system that uses AI-based audio analysis.

Happy minds

Hobby Minds Tech Ltd. provides digital transformation for technology providers and all companies. The Digital Transformation of Happiest Minds uses technologies such as AI blockchain, cloud, digital process automation, Internet of Things, robotics / drones, security, virtual / augmented reality.


Scient is a company that serves digital map developers. This company facilitates the safe operation of automatic vehicles.

Affecting India

Affle is a global technology company. Affley makes extensive use of AI in your business.

Sensor technologies

The company is very confident in AI. AI is where digital technology was some time ago. Sensor technologies focus on AI. In the last 2 years, the company has registered 100 patents in its name.


Soxoft offers its customers a wide range of services such as intelligent automation, legacy modernization, managed infrastructure support, advanced analysis, and quality assurance.

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