A strange fish with human teeth was discovered by a fisherman in the United States

A strange fish with human teeth was discovered by a fisherman in the United States

In early August, a strange fish was discovered by an amateur fisherman off the coast of California in the United States.

Nathan Martin A big fan of fishing. An American in his thirties, originally from North Carolina, went fishing as usual in early August. But this time He pulls a strange fish out of his line. Sea creature Weighs 9 kg and has a real human tooth! About thirty teeth are aligned in the fish’s mouth and its palate.

An edible fish weighing 10 kg

While it is less well known in Europe, this animal is more well known by American scientists. It is actually an Archocercus probatocepalus. Commonly known as “rondo mutton”. “Its teeth are made of cut and tooth-like teeth, Explains Western France Alan Le Breton is the veterinarian in charge of a clinic that specializes in video fish at Grenade-sur-Coron, near Toulouse. Thanks to this toothache, Rondo Mountain can Break the shell tiles for food.

Also scalable up to 90 cm and weighs almost 10 kg Edible. In the Caribbean and the United States, you can sometimes find it on your plate. Although it tastes great.

A real buzz on social networks

Under Facebook Release Posted by Nathan on Janet’s Bear page, users all went with their comments. “This fish has better teeth than me”, Someone is having fun. “Can I get these fish teeth, I’m missing a lot”, Another fun. The post has been shared thousands of times.

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