Unilever and Ben & Jerry in the eyes of American Jews. – Israel Valley

Unilever and Ben & Jerry in the eyes of American Jews.  - Israel Valley

“Kauf-K”, which appears in several products distributed by Unilever and its subsidiaries, is one of the most important Kashrut organizations in the United States, threatening to withdraw its label from the U.S. if Ben & Jerry’s boycott is not revoked.

Together with the leaders of Utah and Samaria, “Kof-Kay” has decided to retain its mark on maintaining foreign exchange on Unilever until the end of Ben & Jerry’s ownership agreement at the end of 2022. – Israel.

One-third of the foodstuffs distributed in the United States are stamped with the Kashrut labels shared by five major Kashrut certificates, the most important of which is “Kof-K”.

Needless to say, removing the label from the hundreds of products distributed by Unilever will have significant financial consequences for the team.

In the United States, with the exception of states that have threatened Unilever and Ben & Jerry with retaliatory actions under the boycott law, Jewish-owned supermarket chains have begun to remove their items from their shelves. Ice cream brand. www.jforum.fr

According to most I24News:

Ice cream maker Ben & Jerry’s longtime graphic designer has announced that he is leaving the company after 21 years.

Susanna Levine from New York has been an entrepreneur for Ben & Jerry since 2000. This week, he announced on Facebook that he was leaving the company.

I left Ben & Jerry’s job 21 years later because of the Israel Declaration. If you want an idea of ​​why, please watch this wonderful video from Chief Rabbi Jonathan Socks, ”Ms. Levine wrote.

He linked to a five-minute video talking about the connection between anti-Semitism and Zionism.

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