Semi-final, Australia's destructive walk |  NBA

Semi-final, Australia’s destructive walk | NBA

Australia, who have never won despite being placed, failed again today in their quest for an Olympic gold medal, losing in the fifth Olympic semi-final.

Eternal disappointment in international competitions, fourth in Rio in 2016 (and this is the fourth time in their Olympic history) and fourth in the World Cup in China in 2019, Australia must return …

“The competition changed when they really started defending”

Despite the overall logical dismissal in view of the match against the United States, the Boomers are likely to give their first charm back on the Olympic stage this Friday. Their coach, Brian Gurgian, did not want his players to bow their heads after this setback, and the second half in one direction.

“We will always try to play the right way”, Reacted to the coach. “I liked what we showed against the United States. We were a quarter and a half better, we were able to control the tempo, they prevent the ball from being pushed. Adding work is impossible. Their ability to switch between screens in all workstations without creating favorable duels made a difference. The game changed when they really started to defend.

With so few cycles, simply in efficiency, Australia need not be ashamed of its performance in the semi-finals. Australian players who have already experienced many disappointments at the end of the tournament will be looking to promote their teammates like Patti Mills, Joe Ingles or Matthew Delvetova.

Like Brian Gurjian and his staff who do not want to leave Tokyo empty-handed.

“We still have the opportunity to write history for our country”

“For us, I told my players in the locker room, this is not the time to cry or feel sorry for us. We are incredibly lucky to be here, we are in the top 4 in the world. Lithuania and Serbia are not here … we have the proudest tradition of basketball. The first world medal for our country. Winning, we still face the most important challenge of our careers. Tomorrow (Friday) morning, we have to get up, be alert about it and get ready for the last game, which is just as important as this semi-final. “

Among the best Australian players in the tournament, and one (of his first) signing of an NBA contract with Spurs, Jack Landell summed up his team’s mood. It is not a question of reconsidering this failure. This is the law of sorts: when you are in the last four, only two teams can win …

“We are definitely disappointed because we came here to bring back the gold, but, at the end of the day, we still have a chance to win the bronze medal and make history for our country. It would be selfish to keep this disappointment in the upcoming game. We have to be ready to play. I am already very motivated , We want to put it all behind us. “

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