Missouri Taxi Company denies masked and vaccinated customers

Missouri Taxi Company denies masked and vaccinated customers

The owner of a taxi company has banned his drivers from wearing masks and taking vaccinated customers to Missouri. This is not the first company to do this.

Because the United States plans to reopen its borders to vaccinated travelers, they may be unsafe if they ever travel to Missouri. The KMOV TV channel reports that a state taxi company has actually decided to refuse masked and vaccinated passengers.

“We will not allow any masks on our cars. In addition, we strongly oppose vaccinations. We do not want vaccinated people to get into our cars,” Charlie Bullington, owner of Yo Transport, told KMOV.

The official said he was “proud of all the people living in Missouri” for opposing health restrictions and injections, recalling that the state has the lowest vaccination rates in the country.

The company, which operates in seven different districts, reports the Riverfront Times, including areas where some customers are set aside on the side of the road. She only works in the small town of Pacific.

Many users hate Yo Transport’s policy on booking applications. Some complained about “political diets” by drivers during their travels, the local daily continued.

According to Johns Hopkins University data, about 42% of Missouri’s population is fully vaccinated. Number below national data. In fact, nearly half of the U.S. population now has a complete immunization schedule, the White House was tasked with monitoring data on the virus, recalls August 6 Cyrus Shapar.

Other refractions

However, this is not the first time a company has assigned its services only to those who have not been vaccinated. The lawsuit against a California restaurant for refusing to serve its injected customers made headlines in late July. The company has taken the logic that it needs proof of non-vaccination from its users, as explained in its Instagram account.

The restaurant also posted photos of people convicted of “treason” or “crimes against humanity”, including White House immunologist Anthony Fassi of the White House.

In late July, the Airbnb platform suspended a landowner in Australia who refused to rent his property to two people who had vaccinated the property. According to the Guardian, the owner said it promotes the spread of the virus to those who are not vaccinated by injection.

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