In Australia, the “zero covid” strategy is undervalued by delta variation

In Australia, the "zero covid" strategy is undervalued by delta variation

Epidemic – The recurrence of the epidemic in Sydney or Melbourne has come as a surprise to Australian authorities as they have succeeded in preventing pollution. With the exception of the vaccine, currently the only solution is control.

This is a strategy stated for its effectiveness and it may fail against the delta type. The so-called “zero govt” goal, like Australia, Oceania and other countries in Asia, found a way to live normally during epidemics. By strictly controlling the cities for a few days after the discovery of two or three positive cases, the authorities were able to control the epidemic and its risks.

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Govit-19: The Vaccine Challenge

Through rigorous operations and precise digital tracing of contaminant chains, they succeeded in reducing anything, not simply reducing Kovit new cases. In Europe, and especially in France, the number of daily patients by the end of June fell sharply below 5,000 before rising again immediately.

60% limited …

But in times of delta variation, this strategy no longer works. In recent weeks, the island-continent has been plagued by a recurrence of the epidemic, with 37 new cases diagnosed on July 6 and 237 on August 4. Its main cities, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, have been jailed indefinitely this time. Sydney is entering its seventh week of imprisonment for two-thirds of its population, still recording daily pollution records on Friday, August 6 with 4,610 new cases. New South Wales broke a new record with 319 cases and five deaths in the third day on Saturday.

With such daily reports, finding positive cases, however, was an essential tool in managing the health crisis, making it harder to implement by allowing politicians. “We do not know where these two houses came from,” he said. Victorian Prime Minister Daniel Andrews said Friday that authorities are trying to find the chains of two separate clusters after 29 positive cases were discovered. Today, almost 60% of Australians are forced to stay at home by themselves, and many do not like these health measures.

… and less than 20% were vaccinated

In the country, control is still the best solution to relapse, given the recession of the vaccine. However, this strategy of a “zero govt” should go through a vaccination campaign, those who signed a column earlier this year argued. The world. In detail, they insisted that it must meet three conditions to work: “Strengthening screening and tracking systems, including vaccination, establishing green zones and the use of new technologies”.

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But the campaign was initially marked by distribution problems because the government relied mainly on the astrogenic vaccine, which did not encourage people under the age of 60, and the Pfizer vaccine became even less available by the end of July. Since then, vaccination has not been a priority in the strategy against covia: today, only 17.7% of the population has received at least one dose of the vaccine, of which 17.1% have a complete immunization schedule.

Since the virus is not highly contagious on the island, which officially counts 35,390 cases, the proportion of Australians who are naturally immune is likely to be lower. Taking responsibility for the vaccine failure, Prime Minister Scott Morrison recently reaffirmed his goal of vaccinating the entire population, i.e. 25 million people, by at least one dose by the end of 2021.

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