The United States launched the only aircraft to search for nuclear explosions / Gordon

The United States launched the only aircraft to search for nuclear explosions / Gordon

The aircraft is used to collect air samples to monitor the eruption of radiation in the atmosphere, to collect information after nuclear weapons tests and nuclear accidents, and to monitor the spread of hazardous radioactive material.

Boeing flew into the sky from the British Miltonhall airport. With laterAmolat flew over the Netherlands, Germany, and Poland, sailed around the Baltic Sea, and returned to a military base in Great Britain on the same route. For a while the plane flew low over the Baltic Sea – 1.5 to 1.8 km.

The publication noted that the purpose of the plane flying over the Baltic Sea was not clear. The WC-135W Constant Phoenix took off on July 30 after the Russian nuclear-powered submarine Oral crashed en route from the Baltic Sea to the North Sea.

“When there are propulsion problems on this type of ship, it is always a concern,” said Elizabeth Ikeland, spokeswoman for the Norwegian Armed Forces Co-ordinator, in a comment on August 4. Parents Observer.

At the same time, The Drive writes that there is no information that there is a problem with the nuclear reactor on the Russian boat or that there is a radiation emission. The submarine was able to continue to move.

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