Shocking revelations about black holes and alien civilizations

Shocking revelations about black holes and alien civilizations

Megastructures, also known as Tyson spheres, help extraterrestrial civilizations grow faster. It is there to find these objects, and then the aliens themselves, write

In the early 1960s, Freeman Tyson suggested that civilizations use their star to generate more energy. Later structures that could generate energy from stars began to be called Tyson spheres.

After a while, it was suggested that advanced civilizations could build similar structures around black holes to use their energy. Recent research involves looking for such mega-structures around black holes, not around stars. If they are found, it is the best evidence that extraterrestrial civilizations actually exist.

Tyson’s sphere is a special megastructure that has so far been exclusive in theory. Used to collect energy from the star. Tyson’s theory states that the rapid development of extraterrestrial civilizations requires a large amount of energy, so they extract it in this way. This assumption is that our planet uses only one billionth of the energy generated by the sun.

Translation: BLIC

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