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تعملها إزاى؟.. كيفية المحافظة على جهاز الراوتر محدث باستمرار بخطوات بسيطة

If you like the internet WiFi You need to upgrade your router to be faster and more resistant to the widespread malware attacks that businesses and individuals spend billions on each year. “RouterThis is because if a malware infects a router, it can steal the bandwidth and spread to other devices across the network.

According to Business Insider, this update is not just because of malicious malware Routers Older firmware works worse than properly updated routers.

You can follow these steps to check if your router is running the latest available firmware:

1. Launch a web browser on your computer or mobile device and connect to your router’s network.

2. Enter the IP address of the router in the web browser.

If you do not know the IP address, check if there is an information label somewhere on the router.

3. Sign in with the administrator’s username and password.

– If you do not know the correct administrator password, refer to the info label on the bottom or back of the router.

4. Select an option called firmware update or router update.

– Since there are different routers, you need to do some testing and investigation to find the right one.

5. Wait for your router to find and install the latest firmware.

Never interrupt the update, if it takes too long and your router appears unresponsive, unplug the router and give it a few more minutes to restart.

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