Americans win bronze against Australia / OJ (W) / Small Final / Australia-USA (3-4) /

Americans win bronze against Australia / OJ (W) / Small Final / Australia-USA (3-4) /

Australia 3-4 USA

But: Kerr (17e), Ford (54e), Kielnik (90eTo Modildas // Robinho (8e, 21e), Lloyd (45e+1, 51eTo the Yangs.

A little comforting gift for Americans.

After losing in the semifinals, the United States beat Australia to win the bronze medal and finish the Olympics in the best possible way. Inevitably Megan Robino started the feud with a corner kick ten minutes before Sam Kerr responded to him. The Modildas However, there were two cracks before the break, with Robino pulling it back with an amazing recovery and Carly Lloyd taking care of the break.

When he returned from the locker room, the same Lloyd thought to keep it Yanks Shelter by giving himself a double. Ignoring Caitlin Forde and Emily Zilling, she gave some cold sweat to Americans who were feverish but still successful. As a result, the world champions performed better than in 2016 and exited disappointingly in the quarterfinals. Australians, after a beautiful match they will be satisfied with the chocolate medal.

And a 86e Glamor to America.


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