Covid 19: Military confirms compliance with control in Australia, Iran faces eruption of lawsuits

Govt-19: Military confirms compliance with control in Australia, Iran faces eruption of lawsuits

Control, curfew, compulsory vaccination for some … Covit-19 is not finished talking about this … The official balance sheet says that the epidemic has killed more than 4.22 million people worldwide since the end of December 2019 (far from the real figures, in all probability). The United States has the highest mortality rate (613,228) compared to Brazil (556,834) and India (424,773). In Australia, Soldiers were stopped in the streets on Monday Sydney To ensure compliance with ImprisonmentWhile in Brisbane, measures have been extended in an effort to prevent an outbreak of the disease.

Iran On Monday, Covid 19 recorded a new record of more than 37,000 cases in 24 hours, against the backdrop of an accelerated epidemic in the country, which recorded the highest daily deaths (411) in three months. Millions of people settled in China on Monday, which spread to all four corners of the delta strain and reached the city of Wuhan, which has been hit by the Covid 19 epidemic.

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The China By the spring of 2020 it had almost eradicated the disease from its soil and life had largely returned to normal despite some lasting outbreaks of pollution – from time to time and until then very localized. But since the new cases of Covid 19 were discovered last month in Nanjing (East), this focus has spread rapidly. China registered 55 new cases on Monday.

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