Bombardier: Public support under certain conditions, Vincent Maricel believes

Bombardier: Public support under certain conditions, Vincent Maricel believes

In response to Bombardier’s demand for new public support, Vincent Marisel, Solidarity Vice President for Rosemond, said such assistance should at least guarantee the creation and maintenance of jobs, including the executive salary and the state’s profit.

Bombardier is seeking new public support five years after receiving $ 1.7 billion in funding from Quebec and Ottawa. Journal of Montreal.

Bombardier’s big boss is optimistic about the future, but he’s determined to step down. If a company cannot guarantee work, why should we help with public funds, ”a member of the Quebec Solidarity said in a statement on Monday.

The Quebec aircraft manufacturer wants to develop an “ambitious” plan to make its aircraft less polluting Newspaper.

“Any public assistance must be subject to three minimum conditions: a guarantee of job creation and maintenance, a ceiling of executive salary and state participation in profits,” he said in response to the announcement.

Bombardier’s name has not been included in the list of companies in the aerospace sector that Ottawa and Quebec have announced nearly $ 700 million in financial aid.

The main beneficiaries of this support are Montreal CAE ($ 340 million) and Americans Bell Dextron ($ 275 million) and Brad & Whitney ($ 70 million), according to “The Journal de Montréal”.

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